Welcome to the Zenimals NFT landing page.

We are excited to announce that we soon be offering Zenimals NFT brand. 

There will be a limtied run of 10,000 NFTs available per character,  this allows us to offer our character library at an affordable price that is almost garaunteed to increase in value.   Speaking of which we will also be offering a reduced resale commission rate of 7% as opposed to the standard 10%.  Our way of saying thank you and wanting you to know we value you as a customer and potential partner.

Additional NFT ownership details.

As an owner of any one, or multiple Zenimal NFTs the owner will receive a copy of any variant that may be created at no extra cost.

Owners must include the characters name when posting or using the purchased NFT for any purpose, special exceptions may apply and approval must be received in writing from Zenimals creator/owner Chadwick Johnson.  

Owners may not alter or create their own variant of a Zenimals NFT character without written authorization from Zenimals creator/owner Chadwick Johnson.

For additional information please don't hesitate to email us at



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