About Us

Inspired by nature, designed for the soul.™

Let your spirit Roar!™  


What is a Zenimal?

A Zenimal is a spiritual mentor in animal form.  They provide inspiration through imagery and philosophy, creating a thought provoking or meditative state of mind. 

There is a Zenimal for everyone.

Our Mission

To inspire.

Our Vision 

Inspire individuals to believe in and better themselves while also contributing to the betterment of various endangered species and non profit organizations located throughout the world through the purchase of any Zenimals product.


About Chadwick Johnson

Creator, founder and Chief Zen Officer Chadwick Johnson has worked in the creative/entertainment industry for 25+ years, from conceptualizing entertainment programs to producing major productions and events, Chad has always had a hand in creating unique and one of a kind shows and experiences. In 2016 Chad had an idea to start an inspirational retail line, called Zenimals™. Envisioning a powerful yet simplistic image that would on it's own evoke a positive emotion to those who saw it, and then add some words of wisdom that match the characters personality, this is how Zenimals was born.




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