Meet The Zenimals™

 Let you spirit Roar!



Zenephant teaches us how to find Zen in the most challenging of times. 


A strong and silent mentor,  Meditiger teaches one to focus mind and brings one closer to enlightenment.



A grounded spiritual mentor, Shamasloth connects us through nature and teaches us how to balance life in this world and the next.


There is strength in wisdom. Gururilla is a wise mentor, find insight and wisdom in his words and your soul will find strength and confidence.                 


Dalai Lamas have many reincarnations, this is the first Llama Dalai.  Just as wise and compassionate as his predecessors, the Llama Dalai is bound to put a smile on your face and wisdom in your soul.  



A wise and fair mentor Karmaroo teaches with obvious and logical guidance, keeping your universe balanced is where she will help you  shine.  



Brahmim Bear enlightens with an earthly heart and astute wisdom. 



Another reincarnation of his holiness, the Dalai Lion teaches through compassion and the wisdom obtained through living numerous lives.       



Like his namesake, Koifucius shares thought provoking inspiration through sense and sensibility.  




Majestic with a universal wisdom Dheerma instills and teaches us that we are one with all things and all things are one with us.



In a universe of constant change look to Mandalagator for insight and wisdom on this evolving and ever moving universe.


Balance in life, spirit, mind and body isn't always easy to obtain, let YinYak help guide you to a more centered way of living and outlook on life.slide15.png

Blessings, peace and good fortune is what NaMustang has to offer in her teachings.


Yogiraffe helps one find balance with the mind and body, your  guide to yoga and meditation.


Chitah teaches us our life's energy is tuned to our thoughts and actions.


Platypeace teaches us to practice peaceful ways whenever possible and that it's always possible. 










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